Who we are

Our entreprise
Created in 2010 by Mohamed OUICHDANI, THERFALIM sarl mission:
-Support of industrial
-Auditing and Training

Our team:
-Experts in the trade of agro-industry, between 25 and 30 years of experience in the field.
-Flexible and geographically movable

-GINOR en tunisie
-OMNIA intaj
-AGR marocaines (INDH)

Our areas of focus:
-Import & Export

-ArticraftShop: Craft shop online. Offers a variety of quality handicrafts for a local and international clientele. Web site : www.articraftshop.com

Our Services

Therfalim Sarl, Training & Technical Assistance, Food Industry

THERFALIM specializes mainly in training, auditing, expertise and support of agribusinesses in the following areas:

Areas of intervention

Our vision

In the context of globalization, the food industry remains a strategic area for all countries.

The optimization of industrial processes and improving the technical performance of the facilities are the main levers that managers can act.

In this sense, and through its network of independent experts in several fields, THERFALIM intervenes to help you achieve your goals.

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